garagedoorappIt’s the end of the day.  You’re tired and worn out from not only working, but then you had a meeting to go to, things to pick up at the grocery store, clothes to pick up at the cleaners, and you are more ready to pack it in and call it quits for the day.

You pull up to your door. You reach for the clicker attached to your visor… and it’s not there.  You look at look around… on the floor… on the passenger’s side… in the glove box… everywhere, and the remote control is gone. It’s just GONE!  This is not how you wanted to end the day… with more drama… with more conflict.  You have ice cream melting in the trunk.  Your clothes from cleaners are getting wrinkled.  What can you do?

You don’t have a choice.  You have to find your way into the garage via hopefully the shortest route.  You trudge inside, hit the button, trudge outside, get in your car, drive it forward and then have to get out of your car and hit the button again.  There are just too many steps at that time of night.  And then you have to deal with the whole issue of finding or replacing your remote.  It’s just one more thing that you need to deal with, and it just stinks.

If you have an old garage door, it might be a good idea to start thinking about a new one… one that you can operate from your smartphone.  Or maybe you already have a garage door opener that is already smartphone friendly and you just haven’t bothered to download it and now it’s costing you in terms of time and frustration.

Most  major garage door opener companies now offer smartphone apps to use instead of an extra device. Our smartphones are practically welded to us, and so the chances of losing your garage door app are slim to none.  Avoid the frustration of locating your clicker, or having to go through the extra expense of replace one.  Make your life easier.  If your garage door is smartphone friendly, be kind to yourself and download it right now.